A cross-country meetup series to bring people who are designing for autism together to share their knowledge and build a community.


Why Now?

There is a large autistic community that can benefit from solutions that are better tailored towards the condition.


Historically, many solutions have come from other fields and were initially designed for other disabilities. Many solutions have also been created by speech-language pathologists and researchers: human-centered design has not been an explicit part of the process until recently.


1 in 68

The rate of autism diagnosis among children in the U.S. today (1 in 42 among boys)


Proportion of autistic individuals that are nonverbal

3.5 million

The estimated number of autistic individuals in the U.S.


Can we synthesize everyone’s combined knowledge to create an environment for better-designed solutions for the autism community?


Upcoming Events

We are holding a series of cross-country meetups, each in a different U.S. city, and each focused on a particular topic within designing for autism.

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